September 27, 2007

Niagara International Kite Festival - 2007

This week we'll be at the 2007 Niagara International Kite Festival USA.

Here's a short article from the Buffalo Rising newspaper about it, featuring our Bols:
Once again, the kite fliers at LaSalle Park struck gold. The winds could not have been better (that's coming from a casual observer), and though the attendance was low (being a weekday and all), spirits and the kites were flying high. This year there were some crowd favorites that included two gigantic low flying circular color wheels, along with the infamous Berkeley Kite Wrangler 'Octopile'. The winds were blowing so well that the creatures danced across the sky while being chased by an oversized scuba diver, who in turn was being shadowed by a couple of small sharks. The sight was something to behold.


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