October 9, 2017

The Israel Museum Homepage - 2017

The 32nd Kite Flying Festival, The Afifoniada, at the Israel Museum is tomorrow, and we made the front page!

and on mobile with the distinguished company of Ai Weiwei:

September 5, 2017

Patchwork and Kites Puzzle - 2017

When we came upon Jane Wooster Scott's Patchwork Sampler 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, we just had to assemble it. Kites and Patchwork, that's so Shavit!

September 1, 2017

A Kite Quote

A lovely quote from Romain Gary's book Les Cerfs-Volants (The Kites):
It's perfectly clear that a man that has devoted his whole life to kites is not without a grain of folly. It's just a question of interpretation. There are some who call it a 'grain of folly', and others who talk of a 'sacred spark'. It's sometimes hard to tell one from the other.
(Translated by Philip Le Riche)

July 4, 2017

Octagon - 2017

The Pattern of the kite is called "Star of the Orient" Quilt Pattern. 
The kite's diameter is ~ 1.2m

Geo-Pointer - 2017

The Geo Pointer kite, designed by Ceewan is a Single Point Bridle kite.
Size: 5.5m x 2m

May 21, 2017

Cervia - 2017

Fabulous photos from Cervia ARTEVENTO 2017 by Ivan Cimadoro 

And another from Barbara Baroncini

January 22, 2017

Twisted Drum Box Kite - 2017

Here's our version of Dick Toonen's Twisted Drum Box Kite.
Note that our version uses only vertical strips as opposed to the regular triangular sections.

November 11, 2016

Little White World Kite - 2016

Flying the signed Little White World Kite at the annual Kite Flying event at the Art Garden of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The kite is flying over Robert Indiana's renowned giant sculpture  "אהבה".

Our Booth at Dieppe International Kite Festival - 2016

Hamsa - 2016

Our entry into the Arts Premiers kite creation contest at the 2016 Dieppe International Kite Festival.

Spinnaker on transparent Mylar

Rosie, Emoji Kite - 2016

Our contribution to the "Personage" Mass Ascension Challenge 

Jellybean Hamsa - 2016

Gaudí Rok - 2016

A Rok inspired by the Trencadís mosaic style of Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

Bubble Fish Ohashi Edo - 1994/2015

Originally built in 1994 for a Sea-Themed kite competition.
Rebuilt and re-bridled Ohashi-style in 2015.
Nylon fabric applique.

Graphic taken from illustration in the amazing, out-of-print book 
The Witch's Hat by Irvin Dremer, Illustrated by  Tony Meeuwissen

9780233978000: The Witch's Hat

October 20, 2016

Le Grand Livre du Cerf-Volant, G. Spini - 2003

It has just come to our attention that the French kite book "Le Grand Livre du Cerf-Volant" by G. Spini has a photo of our Bargenki Kite!

March 24, 2016

Lupa Smartphone Photography Competition

The International Photography Festival is holding The Lupa Smartphone Photography Competition.
As its website banner, they chose a photo showing several of our kites! 

Here's the original photo:

Credit: Felix Lupa

July 18, 2015

Kiting Magazine Cover - 2015

We are featured on the cover of AKA's Kiting Magazine!

May 29, 2015

Supernova - 2015

Cervia Selfies - 2015

Come rain or shine, Cervia 35th anniversary! 

... and two days later on the same beach...

May 13, 2015

Electric Company Warning - 1929

This is a 1929 notice from the Electric Company notifying people of an electric network going live. At the bottom, it appeals to parents and teachers to warn children not to climb the poles and not fly flying snakes near them (nor tie beasts of burden to the poles either).  

Flying Snakes is a rough translation of the Russian word for kite: "воздушный змей" (VOZDUSHNYY ZMEY) which means air-snake. The notice probably predates the Hebrew word for kite: עפיפון (AFIFON) which appeared in the late 1930s.  

December 23, 2014

Op-Art Genki - 2014

Illusive to the eye and pleases the wind                       מתעתע את העין ומשמח את הרוח

November 3, 2014

Exhibition - Fly with the Wind - The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem

A wind inspired exhibition in the The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem in the spirit of the MAKE movement.

We were invited to exhibit a few of our kites and this blog was chosen as the Science Museum's Site of the Month! Welcome!