November 11, 2016

Little White World Kite - 2016

Flying the signed Little White World Kite at the annual Kite Flying event at the Art Garden of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The kite is flying over Robert Indiana's renowned giant sculpture  "אהבה".

Our Booth at Dieppe International Kite Festival - 2016

Hamsa - 2016

Our entry into the Arts Premiers kite creation contest at the 2016 Dieppe International Kite Festival.

Spinnaker on transparent Mylar

Rosie, Emoji Kite - 2016

Our contribution to the "Personage" Mass Ascension Challenge 

Jellybean Hamsa - 2016

Gaudí Rok - 2016

A Rok inspired by the Trencadís mosaic style of Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

Bubble Fish Ohashi Edo - 1994/2015

Originally built in 1994 for a Sea-Themed kite competition.
Rebuilt and re-bridled Ohashi-style in 2015.
Nylon fabric applique.

Graphic taken from illustration in the amazing, out-of-print book 
The Witch's Hat by Irvin Dremer, Illustrated by  Tony Meeuwissen

9780233978000: The Witch's Hat