August 3, 2013

Blast from the Past - 1992

We dug up these (scanned) photos from the first kite-festival held after the end of the first Gulf-War in 1992. The paintings (Acrylic on Nylon Taffeta) were done by Eli's childhood friend and artist Tzvika Remetz.

Eddy mask kite
Art by Tzvika Remetz 

Humorous Hexagon
Art by Tzvika Remetz

Kite Exhibition, The Jerusalem Theater Foyer - July-August 2013


Kite Exhibition, The Jerusalem Theater Foyer - July-August 2013

Our kite will be on exhibition at The Jerusalem Theater at the Sherover Theatre Lobby, between Jul. 21st and Aug. 28th 2013. From the Theater's website:
Crazy about the Wind | Eli and Shula Shavit
"A person dedicates his life to flying kites, you can't say that there isn't a kernel of madness in that. But it's all a matter of interpretation: there are those who call it a ‘kernel of madness' and others who would say it was a ‘spark of holiness.' Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference..." (from Romain Gary, The Kites).
Sherover Theatre Lobby, 21.7.13 to 28.8.13
The theater summer program:

Shula's Kite Jewlery - 2013


Bed Spread - View from Above, Cervia, Italy - 2013


KAP Photos by Stefan Engel

Vortex Panels - 2013


Shavit Sky, Cervia, Italy - 2013

Beach Banners - 2013

Rainbow Op-Art Poster Genki - 2013 - Now with Tail!