December 28, 2012

Canadian Maple Leaf Kite Project - 2012

(via Bernard Fournière)
photo credit: Patrice Roberge
Maple Leaf  Kite - Made for the 2012 Dieppe France International Kite Festival, as part of CVCF - AKA joint project for comemoratring the 70th anniversary of  “Operation Jubilee”  frequently called “the Canadian landing  in Dieppe”, as 80% of the troops involved were from Canada during WWII

July 28, 2012

Twirlwind - 2012

The kite was made for the "Five Elements of the Universe" contest at the 2012 Dieppe France International Kite Festival. 
Wing Span: 240 cm Height: 230 cm

July 7, 2012

QuasiKite - Penrose Tiling - 2012

Quasi-Crystal - Penrose Tiling
The kite was made as a Tribute to awarding the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Dan Shechtman in 2011 for the discovery of Quasi-Crystals.
Wing Span: 250 cm Height: 240 cm 

June 29, 2012

Pearson Roller - 2012

The light-wind Pearson Roller was our first use of the Log-Cabin patchwork technique back in 1996.
This Roller is one of our newest kites in which we used the more advanced Baravell 
Spiral Log-Cabin patchwork technique. 
Size: 3.5m x 2.5m