September 30, 2007

Kite Connections Fly High

Old friends from around the world gather to share enthusiasm at international event. By Aaron Besecker from The Buffalo News:

On the third day of the event, which started Thursday in Niagara Falls State Park, all colors and shapes of kites filled the skies above Reservoir State Park.

At the other end of the kite string were other fliers.

Eli and Shula Shavit, who came from Jerusalem, have been traveling internationally to kite festivals since the mid-1980s.

Flying kites always has been a family activity, said Eli Shavit, whose daughter, Keren, lives in Buffalo. They try to make it to two international festivals a year, Eli Shavit said.

Like many Israeli youngsters, Shavit said he made kites as a child. He got involved again after buying a how-to book in Sacramento, Calif.

“The colors and shapes against the blue skies — there’s nothing better than this,” he said.


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