August 3, 2013

Kite Exhibition, The Jerusalem Theater Foyer - July-August 2013

Our kite will be on exhibition at The Jerusalem Theater at the Sherover Theatre Lobby, between Jul. 21st and Aug. 28th 2013. From the Theater's website:
Crazy about the Wind | Eli and Shula Shavit
"A person dedicates his life to flying kites, you can't say that there isn't a kernel of madness in that. But it's all a matter of interpretation: there are those who call it a ‘kernel of madness' and others who would say it was a ‘spark of holiness.' Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference..." (from Romain Gary, The Kites).
Sherover Theatre Lobby, 21.7.13 to 28.8.13
The theater summer program:

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