June 7, 1995

Israeli Kite Stamps - 1995

Special Sheet

Day of Issue Envelope

We were involved in the design of the Israeli kite stamps. Designed by N&M Eshel.
Description of the bottom row of the special sheet:
The stamp on the right depicts simple, popular kites which are represented by the hexagonal "Tiara Kite", and the rhombic "Eddy" Kite. The bird-shaped kite which appears on the stamp has its origins in the Far East. In the background can be seen a 15th Century picture of a flying, dragon-shaped creature.

The stamp in the center relates to the Western world's contribution in the development of the kites, and here can be seen a Box Kite and the "Cody War Kite". In the background a kite/glider is depicted.

The stamp on the left shows modern, aerobatic kites, a train of rhombic aerobatic kites can be seen on the top section, and at the bottom is an aerobatic "Delta" kite. In the background on the left is a drawing by Otto Lilienthal, one of the great pioneers of flying and the first person who succeeded in achieving controlled flight.

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